Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy Busy Boy

Just in case any of you were wondering what Gavin has been up to, he has been pretty busy. I am going to have alot to live up to when he gets home. He has been to the park, swimming, the movie, the museum, the zoo and fishing. Yes, all if this was in one week. I guess that is what grandparents are for. He is really enjoying himself, but I will have to say that I am ready for him to come home. I think he got a little homesick when Grannie showed him the blog and he saw the pictures of Gage & Grayson with the baking soda. All he could talk about after seeing the blog was wanting to come home and see the bees. I guess he realized that life was going on without him and he did not like that too much. :) Billy just left for Dallas for work and will be done on Tuesday. He will drive over to Tyler and pick up Gavin and then come home. can't wait until Tuesday! :)

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