Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Monkey's in their element...

Beware of too much information, but in true Tanni fashion I am keeping it real! :) After dinner tonight, we decide to take the kids to the park. We have not gone in a while because it has been so hot, but we decided to bear the heat tonight. Since everyone is getting older, it is pretty easy to leave the house with less. On this trip, we left the house with only a water bottle. I am not sure what it is about the park that gets their bowels stimulated, but all three boys had to go as soon as we got to the park. Thankfully Gavin did not go in his pants. Billy was able to convince him to go to the public bathroom by the pool. Gage & Grayson, however, are still in diapers so the park was pretty stinky. We were faced with the choice of letting them play with dirty pants or dragging them home from the park kicking and screaming (since they just arrived). We chose to live with the stinky park and happy kids. Thankfully no one else was playing at the park. We had a great time and the boys wore themselves out. Here are some cute shots of the boys. No one would ever know that the one taking the pictures was holding her nose. :)

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