Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little about me!

Some of you know that I am going to Chicago next week to do a trade show. I have been working like a crazy woman to get my booth space ready and freight shipped (which I have never done before). I have been trying to get all of this done with 2 screaming toddlers and 1 four year old with a large pain in his behind. Thank you so much Billy for giving me time to complete my task so I could stop stressing out. My booth items ship today and will be there for me when I get to Chicago next Thursday. I have stepped way out of my box these past few days and I have learned alot. I look forward to traveling and doing a great show. Say a little prayer for me for my worries to be lifted and for a successful show. I will post more about it when I return. Blessings! :)


Lisa said...

Umm..hello neighbor, why haven't you called on me to help you this week? I just read your blog and had no idea! Sad since we live 30 seconds away. Call if want help with anything.

brad & kammy said...

your booth space looks awesome! i'll be praying for peace for you as you step out in this fun (and a little scary) adventure!