Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We experienced many firsts yesterday as a family. I like the idea of having family traditions for holidays and we definitely liked many of the things we did so we many do it all again next year. We walked in The Woodlands 4th of July parade with WMOM (The Woodlands Mothers of Multiples). Thanks to WMOM for letting us participate. Just to give you an idea of what our group looked like...I think there were about 18 families and 46 children. Pretty crazy, huh? People definitely like to look at us. We got up very early, got all dressed up in our 4th of July garb and went out to celebrate our freedom as a country. The parade was also honoring the upcoming Olympics which is really exciting because we have a dear friend, Laura Wilkinson, who will be competing for her 3rd time. The boys had a great time seeing all the people and floats. We even saw several cartoon characters...Winnie the Pooh being one of them...Gavin keeps asking if Pooh can come over for a play date. I guess he has never thought to ask about that before. After the parade, we grabbed some lunch and came home. Everyone except myself and Gavin took a nap! I'll have to say I was a little jealous, but I had work to do. I will post more about that another day. :) After everyone got up from their naps we ate again...go figure. Then we decided to go for ice cream, which we have never done. The boys all loved that. We tried to go to our favorite ice cream place, Culver's, but they closed for the holiday, so we found ourselves at Sonic. They had an outside picnic area that was fenced off with one way in and one way out. Perfect when you have two two year olds. We got everyone their own ice cream and the little boys made quite the mess, but it was worth it considering how much they enjoyed themselves. After ice cream, we came home and brought out the fireworks. I was a little scared at first, but once we established some rules everything seemed to go smoothly. Gavin was really excited about every sound he heard and Gage & Grayson were a little scared, but laughed alot. No one cried from the sounds which could have easily happened with most kids. The little boys had to stay behind a line on the drive way and surprisingly it was pretty easy since they were interested in the fireworks, but scared enough to stay behind the line. We had a nice evening and did not make it to bed until almost 10 (the kiddos). It was a long, but fun day full of first time experiences. The only bummer about yesterday is that our dear friends Frank & Kathy and their children were suppose to come into town to celebrate with us. Their little girl got sick with a fever and some stomach issues so they had to stay home. We were all really bumbed that they did not come, but we will see them again soon. Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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