Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Grayson pee-peed on the potty...well sort of!

I have been thinking about trying to introduce potty training to the little boys. If they want to sit on the potty then I will let them. Tonight, Grayson seemed like he needed to go number 2 so I thought it was a good opportunity to put him on the potty. I just read a book about training them to go #2 on the potty before pee pee. I wish I would have done that with Gavin. Anyway, Grayson willingly went upstairs to sit on the potty. He sat there a little while and he went pee pee. I was very excited that he went on the potty; however it really did not make it in the toilet. It was on the walls, on the floor, on the seat, and of course in his face! YUCK! I have forgotten how messy potty training can be. He never accomplished the goal we went up there for, but we will just keep trying and trying and trying. :) Memories are flooding back on how hard this process really is. At least this time around, I will know that it does not happen over night and that I will not press the situation too much. Way to go Grayson! :)

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