Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gavin's T-ball Game

Gavin started a late summer session of t-ball a few weeks ago. His first game was last weekend and Billy and I missed it because we were in Chicago. Grandpa had the honor of taking him to his first game. I think Gavin really enjoyed that and I am sure Grandpa did too. Today was his second game and our first time to see him play. It was lots of fun watching him and the other little boys play. They all did pretty good considering they have only practiced /played a couple of times. Gavin hit the ball very well and he liked running the bases. He did not always run to the correct base, but we are working on that. He did run in the right direction though... :) The game started with the pledge of allegiance, they had a huddle to cheer on the team (he is on the Red Fire Ants - BTW), and after the game was over they lined up and said good game to the other team. They don't keep score yet...which is a good thing since most of them are still try to figure out the fundamentals of the game....such as, where the bases are. :) Our biggest challenge at the game was keeping Gage off the field. He can not talk very well, but he is ready to play baseball. He could not understand why he could not hit and run like brother. Grayson, in normal behavior, sat quietly in the wagon and watched the game. I can not even imagine what the next few years will be like with them all playing sports. Billy is in heaven!

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