Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are people really this rude?

While this situation made me laugh, I am not quite sure that everyone would react this way. I was in Macy's yesterday returning some clothes and I decided that I wanted to check out the sunglasses. I have been wanting a new pair for awhile, but not really sure on which ones I like so I thought I would go and try some on. As I approached the counter, the sales person started selling to me right away. She was pretty direct and kept trying to find me a pair of sunglasses. I would try on a pair and say "I kind-of like these." and she would say "No, those don't work!" She continued to tell me what she liked best, even if it was not what I liked. Anyway, the pushiness was getting a little overbearing so I decided that it was time to leave. I was in a small area and was trying to get out of that department. Maybe I made a face as I was leaving, I am not quite sure, but she looked me square in the face and said "You look like you are about to pop!" I have not heard that since I was pregnant with the twins and I am quite sure that my belly is not that big. After her comment, I am sure my expression was perplexing so she then covered up her remark with "Well, you look really constipated." I gasped with a laugh because I was so taken back by the fact it was coming out of her mouth. Honestly, it was funny to me and I smiled at her and said "You are quite the sales person." I walked out of Macy's laughing in amazement. I could have taken this personally, but instead I laughed and called my friend Darla to tell her about it. She got a good laugh out of it as well so I decided to share it. Couple of things...
1. No, I am not constipated! :)
2. Not everyone is cut out for sales.
3. Maybe I should pay more attention to my facial expressions? I am not quite sure how to work on that since it happens without even thinking. Any suggestions on how not to look constipated?


Lisa said...

THAT is HYSTERICAL!!! Thank you for sharing that! I don't think you look stoppe dup. However, if you want to see if your expressions are in check with your feelings, ask your husband or a kind honest friend to observe for a while. Regardless, the sales gal's comment was inappropriate!

Ashley said...

OMG that is so funny! That sales clerk is lacking some social skills.

Preecemom said...

That is hilarious! I had a similar experience at Lane Bryant, in the ladies lingerie. The sales woman was so pushy she backed Stephanie and I in a corner. Then she proceeded to tell me how bad I looked and how badly I needed a new bra because with what I had on I may as well not even have one on. Then, they wouldn't let Stephanie try on a pair of pants because "they only cater to size 14 and up", even though the pair she wanted were clearly labeled size 1, and did fit her quite well!
Service these days has gravely gone down hill.