Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Monkey's in their element...

Beware of too much information, but in true Tanni fashion I am keeping it real! :) After dinner tonight, we decide to take the kids to the park. We have not gone in a while because it has been so hot, but we decided to bear the heat tonight. Since everyone is getting older, it is pretty easy to leave the house with less. On this trip, we left the house with only a water bottle. I am not sure what it is about the park that gets their bowels stimulated, but all three boys had to go as soon as we got to the park. Thankfully Gavin did not go in his pants. Billy was able to convince him to go to the public bathroom by the pool. Gage & Grayson, however, are still in diapers so the park was pretty stinky. We were faced with the choice of letting them play with dirty pants or dragging them home from the park kicking and screaming (since they just arrived). We chose to live with the stinky park and happy kids. Thankfully no one else was playing at the park. We had a great time and the boys wore themselves out. Here are some cute shots of the boys. No one would ever know that the one taking the pictures was holding her nose. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Belated 80th Birthday Grandpa! (Dad)

Happy 80th Birthday Dad, Grandpa, Bill! We love you so much and wanted to express how much through a letter of 80 thank you's. Sorry this is a little late, but we knew you were out of town so we waited to post. Thank you for the wonderful father you are to Billy and thank you for being a present grandfather to the boys. The list of thank you's came from Billy, with a little inspiration from me. Words can never express how much you mean to our family.

Happy 80th Birthday, Dad

  1. Thank you for marrying Mom
  2. Thank you for letting me be a kid
  3. Thank you for changing my diapers
  4. Thank you for teaching me to stick up for myself
  5. Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike
  6. Thank you for taking me to Oklahoma to visit Uncle Will
  7. Thank you for letting me make cinnamon rolls with you
  8. Thank you for playing games with me in the car
  9. Thank you for raising your eye-brow to let me know you were serious
  10. Thank you for rocking me to sleep
  11. Thank you for my first awesome stereo
  12. Thank you for coaching me in sports
  13. Thank you for coming to every game
  14. Thank you for riding space mountain with me
  15. Thank you for coming to the mound in that baseball game
  16. Thank you for taking me fishing
  17. Thank you for letting me take my friends to the cabin
  18. Thank you for helping me with my homework
  19. Thank you for making me write my numbers until you could read them
  20. Thank you for letting me have a dog
  21. Thank you for taking me to the park when he pasted away to tell me
  22. Thank you for taking me on yearly family vacations
  23. Thank you for buying me a pass to the water parks
  24. Thank you for catching my baseball pitches in the front yard
  25. Thank you (and mom) for always having a family dinner at the table every night
  26. Thank you for letting me watch TV next to you on the couch
  27. Thank you for being home on week days
  28. Thank you for teaching me chess (that was fun for you!)
  29. Thank you for taking me to practices
  30. Thank you for letting me see God in your life
  31. Thank you for letting mom take me to church every week
  32. Thank you for coming to church with mom as a family on holidays
  33. Thank you for taking me to Europe as a kid
  34. Thank you for stressing the importance of staying away from drugs
  35. Thank you for waiting up on the couch for me to come home
  36. Thank you for taking me swimming at the Country Club
  37. Thank you teaching me common sense
  38. Thank you for teaching me how to drive a car
  39. Thank you for showing me the true importance of family
  40. Thank you for teaching me how to respect money
  41. Thank you for letting me have a computer when I was young
  42. Thank you for choosing some of my friends
  43. Thank you for the stability of staying in one house through high school
  44. Thank you for not letting me spend the night with just anybody
  45. Thank you for building me a clubhouse
  46. Thank you for making me get good grades
  47. Thank you for supporting me going to college
  48. Thank you for not judging me joining a fraternity
  49. Thank you for coming to my graduation
  50. Thank you for helping me with always having a car when I was younger
  51. Thank you for coming to help me if I called with an emergency
  52. Thank you for making me work tough labor to teach me a lesson
  53. Thank you for being such a good example
  54. Thank you for never fighting with mom
  55. Thank you for being a good husband
  56. Thank you for listening
  57. Thank you for being my number one fan
  58. Thank you for all your wonderful advice
  59. Thank you for what you did for my wedding
  60. Thank you for supporting my marriage
  61. Thank you for being very humble
  62. Thank you for doing what is right
  63. Thank you for loving your family
  64. Thank you for teaching me how to save
  65. Thank you (and of course mom) for helping us with our boys
  66. Thank you for driving here every time to visit us
  67. Thank you for helping me get started with a home and family
  68. Thank you (and mom) for giving us the opportunity to do vacations trips on our own
  69. Thank you for helping me start my own business
  70. Thank you (and mom) for shifting your schedule any time for our convenience
  71. Thank you for giving me the thought process to think outside the box
  72. Thank you for sharing your name with me
  73. Thank you for believing in me
  74. Thank you for letting me make my own decisions, as an adult
  75. Thank you for always taking time to talk to me
  76. Thank you for being my friend
  77. Thank you for second chances
  78. Thank you for not judging
  79. Thank you for all your support
  80. Thank you for being my DAD

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gavin's T-ball Game

Gavin started a late summer session of t-ball a few weeks ago. His first game was last weekend and Billy and I missed it because we were in Chicago. Grandpa had the honor of taking him to his first game. I think Gavin really enjoyed that and I am sure Grandpa did too. Today was his second game and our first time to see him play. It was lots of fun watching him and the other little boys play. They all did pretty good considering they have only practiced /played a couple of times. Gavin hit the ball very well and he liked running the bases. He did not always run to the correct base, but we are working on that. He did run in the right direction though... :) The game started with the pledge of allegiance, they had a huddle to cheer on the team (he is on the Red Fire Ants - BTW), and after the game was over they lined up and said good game to the other team. They don't keep score yet...which is a good thing since most of them are still try to figure out the fundamentals of the game....such as, where the bases are. :) Our biggest challenge at the game was keeping Gage off the field. He can not talk very well, but he is ready to play baseball. He could not understand why he could not hit and run like brother. Grayson, in normal behavior, sat quietly in the wagon and watched the game. I can not even imagine what the next few years will be like with them all playing sports. Billy is in heaven!

Friday, July 25, 2008


More pictures from Chicago

Here are some more pictures from the trip. If I could figure out how to use the photo bucket, I would post more, but I have not here are a few. The guys came from Thursday-Sunday so we had some fun couple time. We took a free tour on a coast guard ship so that is why you see a picture of the coast guard.

Welcome Home Mommy!

Well...I made it an entire week without seeing my kiddos. I had a great time in Chicago and loved the city. I really want to go back again. The market was slower than I expected, but it really does not matter to me since I got to spend quality time with one of my dearest friends, Kathy. Thanks Kathy for all your help! I will have to say that by day seven I was really missing the kids. They picked me up from the airport on Wednesday and I almost started crying because they all looked so different. Gavin is determined that he wants to go to Chicago now. We will try to plan a small family vacation at the end of the summer so the kids can see some sites. I am attaching a picture of Kathy and myself with matching t-shirts. It is some of what I am selling. The shirts say "Live Out Loud" I felt like Chicago was that for me. I stepped way outside of my comfort zone and got to truly be myself in a city full of so much going on. I am a stay at home mom getting to discover herself beyond being a mom or a spouse. Thanks Billy for supporting all my adventures and misadventures. I love you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gavin and a couple of 1st's

I have been getting ready to leave town all week and have been talking to the kids about Grannie and Grandpa coming to town to visit while we are gone. Gavin has been missing his Grannie especially. This afternoon after I picked him up from summer camp he told me "I had a dream about Grannie last night and she made me eat avocados...and I did not like them." Talking about dreams may be a common occurrence in most peoples houses, but Gavin has never mentioned a dream before so I thought it was really neat that his first dream was about his Grannie and trying new things. One other first for the evening, Billy put Gavin to bed and like every night they each said a prayer. You never really know what is going to come out of his mouth. Some prayers are better than others. Tonight he prayed for better manners...WOW....can I say that again...better manners! What an awesome confirmation that what Billy and I are doing as parents is working. We love to see his little mind working and already trying to improve himself as a person...and involving God in that process. Way to go Gavin!

We are off to Chicago tomorrow. Billy will be coming home on Sunday and will have the kids by himself until I return on Wednesday. Say a prayer for both of us. We will both be experiencing new journeys this coming week. Blessings to all. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Daddy & His Boys

We have recently purchased a bike trailer and Billy has been taking all the boys out for a ride. Honestly, I don't know how he does it. I am sure it takes some leg power to cycle them around. They really love getting out. Thanks Daddy!

Thanks for the t-shirts!

Thank you Papa and Mia for the Watermelon Thump t-shirts. We got our packages, ripped them open and wore the shirts all day. And Gavin finally saw the watermelon in the sky! For those of you who don't know what that mom is currently living in Luling, Texas and they have a water tower in the town shaped like a watermelon.

Midnight Guest

Copper was not happy about our Saturday night backyard guest. He cause quite a ruckus so we had to take a picture. Now, every time Copper goes outside he starts barking to make sure everyone knows it is his backyard.

Popsicles for dessert!

We had crayon shaped popsicles for dessert one night over the weekend. We definitely had fun eating them, but we also had fun taking pictures with them. It was Gavin's idea to use them to cover his face. Can you tell we like food in our house?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pain in the behind....take 2!

Well...not that I expected anything different, but Grayson had a similar infection on his rear today. It has actually been there a couple of days, but today it was pretty sizable and hot to the touch so we were off to the Dr again. Thankfully the doctor's office was open and also Billy was able to take Grayson. Grayson had a similar experience to Gavin, except he could not be sedated so they strapped him in something like a straight jacket. Poor baby! His infection was not quite as large as Gavin's so the cut was not as large, but it still hurt like hades! Billy did tell me that half way through the process, he just started yelling "Mommy!" I am glad I was not there for that....I could not have held it together. With all this said, Grayson is doing very well. He will be on antibiotics for 10 days and if Gage show any signs at all we will start them with him. For everyone wondering what this infection is a staph infection. The Dr said that in the past 6 months there has been a crazy outbreak of it. Please pray that everyone stays well as we prepare to go to Chicago on Thursday and that we have no more pains in the behind! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Papa....

Happy Birthday to you!

Gavin decided that he wanted to make a birthday cake. We made you a cake and sang happy birthday to you. We have it on video, but can not find the software to download the video. Sorry! :( I hope you have a great day and enjoy the virtual birthday party. We even ate your cake for you. :)