Monday, June 30, 2008

What will good behavior get you?

Grayson with his sunglasses.

So...we got a new toy this past week and I will have to say that the boys love it. It is a water slide from Little Tykes. I ordered it several weeks ago and it was on back order, but it finally came in. Gavin actually earned the slide for good behavior. We recently introduced a new point system for Gavin and his behavior. He gets a point when he does what he is told or before he is told and he losses a point when he does something wrong. The goal was 10 points and he worked his way up and down the number scale for almost 2 weeks. His reward was this water slide. I know you are probably thinking this is a nice reward for meeting the first goal and I agree, however, I had already ordered the slide prior to the point system taking place so it was easy for it to be the reward. :) It has made a big impression on him and he really loves the slide. Now when we talk about getting a point, he tells us that he already got his slide so we are working on explaining to him that he can work toward something else. We will see how long this lasts!
Anyway, here are several pictures over the past few days. The boys have had so much fun on this thing it has already paid for itself.

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Lisa said...

We LOVED playing on the slide, myself included! Ella came home and took a 3 hour nap! Yes, this should be a weekly ritual! Gavin's reward for good behavior is a blessing to us all! Thank you!