Thursday, June 26, 2008

Play Dough to the Rescue!

"What is this stuff?" Grayson wondered...

Gage & Gavin maybe my little ones are deprived, but I have not pulled out the play dough in awhile. Last time I tried it, they ate it, so it has been tucked away for quite some time. Last night I was trying to cook dinner and everyone was demanding my attention, of course Billy was not even close to being home, and honestly I was about to pull my hair out, so I decided to find some activity for them to do so I could keep my hair and cook dinner! :) Praise the Lord! I pulled out the play dough. My 3 little boys sat passively at the kitchen table for over an hour interested in this little blob of goo. The little boys did not put it in their mouth. They just sat there in amazement of all the shapes they could make out of this stuff. Grayson was the last man standing. I think he went an hour and a half. I will definitely be pulling out the play dough more often. I also think that the little boys have graduated from babies to toddlers. Their world is growing larger everyday.

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Lisa said...

Add some cookie cutters and plastic knives and you're in for a vacation!