Friday, June 13, 2008

Boys and their TV's

Yesterday, Gavin finally had his four year wellness doctor visit. One child or the other has managed to be sick for the past month...making it hard to complete a wellness visit. He weighted 41 lbs (75%) and was 42 1/2 inches (90%). We may have a tall little boy on our hands. He was such a big boy as he received 2 shots. After the visit, we stopped by Sonic to get a slush for reward of behavior. As we pulled out of Sonic, I looked in the back seat and my four year old, who rarely naps, was falling asleep. It was 4:00pm and anyone who is a mother knows that if your older child takes a nap that late, they will never go to bed in the evening. Of course, this was the case with Gavin yesterday evening.

Billy and I chose to let him watch a movie in our room since we knew he was not going to be ready for bed at his normal time. As 9:30 approached, Billy when into the room and instructed Gavin that it was time to go to bed and Gavin became sassy and possessive of "OUR" bed and "OUR" television. He was explaining to his father that everything in that room was his and he wanted to sleep there. Billy preceded to explain to Gavin that it was fine if he wanted to have our things, but he would take possession of Gavin's prized possessions. Billy quietly shut the door and came out telling me the story of how sassy our four year old was to him. About 30 seconds passed and Gavin came out of the bedroom, jumped into his Daddy's arms and said "I'm sorry Daddy, you can have your bedroom back and I can have my toys back, but we can both share the TV."

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brad & kammy said...

That is a hilarious story! I cannot believe how big the boys are getting! I'm so glad you're blogging now so we can share with you in the treasured moments of their lives...