Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are you my Mother? I left out one little story this week, but I decided it was worth telling. One day while the babies were napping, Gavin and I started hearing this chirping sound from the front porch. When we got to the porch, we noticed a little baby bird sitting outside the window. You could tell that he was too little to fly yet. He seemed a little lost and was definitely looking for his mother. Now all of you mothers out there are probably familiar with the Dr. Seuss book "Are You My Mother?". I know I have read it more than 100 times. I never expected it to come to life on my front porch. Gavin talked to him through the window for awhile telling him that he was not his mother. Thankfully, the little bird found his mother a few hours later.

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Lisa said...

I think the momma travels between our homes. One just like it sits on our grill, admiring our landscape during Ella's naps. Well, maybe more, but that's the only time I get to see it!