Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning came pretty early at the Gerwick house. Surprisingly, Gavin saw his presents and then proceeded to our bedroom to cuddle and tell us that Santa came. We listened to him tell us that Santa moved the stockings from the fireplace, that he ate the cookies, and that Gavin possibly heard him on the roof in the middle of the night. We all snuggled in our bed for about an hour before coming out and waking up the rest of the house. It is a memory that I will cherish forever.

Gavin holding up an ornament with his name on it. He was very excited because he asked Santa for an ornament.

Here are Santa's leftover cookies....which Gavin helped him finish later in the morning.

Look behind the present and you will see Copper, our dog. He got a present too. And believe it or not, several years ago, he would tear open Christmas presents with the best of them.

Gavin helped us wake up the little boys. He likes to rock Grayson in the morning. Very sweet brotherly love!

Gage checking out his loot.

Grayson liked the Starburst that Santa left him. He did not want to eat them, he just wanted to hold them in his hands.

Here was the big reveal of the playhouse. After everyone opened their stockings and checked out all of their presents, we noticed the letter Santa left. I read it aloud and as soon as Gavin heard... "I left something in your playroom." He took off running up the stairs. The playhouse went over very well. Thanks Santa!

Gavin sitting in front of the presents for our family gift exchange.

Gage & Grayson preferred to open a gift and the sit and play with it for awhile so it took some time to get through the gifts. Mommy had this same cash register when she was a little girl.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve - Santa

In preparation for Santa, we fed the reindeer, looked on the Internet to track Santa (Santa is high tech, if you didn't know), and we sat out cookies.

Here are the boys eagerly going outside to leave the reindeer food.

Gavin, Gage & Grayson leaving food in the lawn. The reindeer's have a busy night ahead of them, you know!

Daddy and boys tracking Santa on the Internet. They could find out how far he was from our house. Better get to bed boys!

Here is what Santa left the boys, I was able to sneak some pictures before they boys woke up.

The true meaning of Christmas, Jesus. Here is the completed manger scene. I know it had an impact on Gavin because his teacher from the Christmas Eve service said that Gavin really knew the Christmas story.

Second Christmas (Eve) Celebration

We exchanged gifts with Grannie & Grandpa on Christmas Eve. It is really nice to spread out the gift exchanges so that the boys can enjoy what they receive and are not too overwhelmed. Thank you Grannie & Grandpa for traveling (again) to our house for Christmas. We enjoyed getting to spend time with you.

I think Gavin has already figured out what this gift was...a chair.

Gage opening a gift with a little help from Grannie.

Grannie showing Gage what the Santa could do.

Gavin opening his dancing elf.

Grayson looking at his dancing snowman.

Here are the 3 dancing characters together. They can dance to music alone or you can link them together and they dance in synchronization. Very neat gift Grannie. The boys love them.

Check out Gavin's expression. He already knew it was a chair, just not a chair with his name on it. He was super excited.

Grayson loved his chair too....and Gage, but no picture of him.

First Christmas Celebration

Here is the first of many Christmas posts. After looking at my camera, I took 261 pictures over a couple of days. So get ready for some pictures. :)
We started our Christmas on Tuesday with a visit from Uncle Mike, Aunt Linda, Grannie & Grandpa. Uncle Mike & Aunt Linda drove in for the day from Dallas. Thanks for driving our direction and thanks for loving our boys.

Some how this picture is out of order, but too cute to delete. Gavin is excited about his new pet. Scroll down for more details.

Gavin and his baby Jesus.

Gavin & Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike, Billy, & boys

Billy, Uncle Mike, Grannie & Gavin

Billy & Uncle Mike

Billy, Uncle Mike, Grannie & boys

Gage opening his first present. He was a little unsure of the process, but it did not take him long to catch on.

Gavin and a cool new game thanks to Uncle Mike & Aunt Linda.

Look! We have a new pet. I wonder what his name is?

Grayson checking out his new cars.
Everyone helping put together the new pet.

Everyone....meet Spike, our new pet dinosaur. He is very interactive and makes real sounds. He can pick up his own bones and walk across the room. He is very cool. Thank you Uncle Mike & Aunt Linda for getting the boys their very own pet. Thanks for picking one that did not require too much involvement from Mommy & Daddy except recharging batteries. :)

Gavin thinks Spike is pretty cool.

How many people does it take to put together a hot wheels race track? Apparently, several! They finally figured it out and the boys loved racing their cars on it.
We ended our day by attending an early Christmas Eve service at our church, Woodlands Church, Fellowship of The Woodlands campus. Pastor Kerry and his wife preached about being home for Christmas. Home with your family and home with our savior Jesus. God created us with a desire to know him and when you do, He provides you with peace and comfort in any circumstance. He gives us a "home" in our heart. When you are at home in your heart, you will have a peace that transcends all understanding. If you have never had peace in your heart, my prayer for you this Christmas is to seek Jesus. Seek and you shall find. If you truly seek, you will find more than you can ever imagine.
Many Blessings,
The Gerwick Family